Our activity starts with a customer request, upon which a general project and its subsequent cost are then elaborated on the basis of the specific needs.

After a purchase order is placed, a device is entirely re-designed based on the manufacturing designs that were approved by the customer while observing all existing regulations. We manufacture the equipment, we conduct the non-destructive tests and we manage its commissioning.

As for under pressure equipment, we can meet the requirements of the PED directive by using the EN 13445 and VSR calculation codes. We also cooperate with the engineering firm SIGMA D. to develop the thermal and mechanical stress studies with the finite element method.

We can also design the entire thermodynamics of the tubular heat exchangers with computing software and we can manufacture them in accordance with the TEMA regulations.

In anyway, all of the devices are managed upon order and we ensure the traceability of all materials used, as required by the regulations for pressure vessels.

Our production limits:

Max. Thickness 20 mm
Max. Diameter 4000 mm
Max. Weight 50000 kg

1. Thermodynamic project
2. project Engineering 3. Analysis of stress states to F.E.M.
4. Constructive draw 5. manufacture 6. Test