Our company was founded in 1976. Back then, the workshop manufactured tanks and cisterns that were mainly made with carbon steel. In 1986, we started producing stainless steel devices for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. However, In 1992, we implemented our first under pressure device.

In September 2008, we expanded our offices and the workshop: today, we have a building with a surface of 2,000 square meters dedicated to our production units. Since the Directive 97/23/EC was enforced, we can now manage the mechanical design and manufacturing of:

  • 1. Any type of tubular heat exchangers (BEM, BEU, etc.).
  • 2. Reactors (with internal or external coil and jacket).
  • 3. Processing columns (for distillation, absorption, etc.).
  • 4. Any type of tanks.
  • 5. Fully pre-assembled systems.

The experience we acquired over the years on all stainless steel materials, on a wide range of qualified welding procedures and on the use of the most up-to-date molding processes combined with a thorough monitoring of all work phases, allows us to provide our customers with top quality products. Therefore, our products are functional and durable over time. can also develop "innovative" manufacturing solutions for its customers in order to improve the already existing equipment or the ones that are still being tested.